MARSCreative Director


Waham Binary Sculptor


Waham dedicated his early studies to Computer Science & Human Interaction [Universidad de Los Andes], always trying to find a common ground between simplicity, functionality and beauty. During his time in Graduate School [Swinburne University of Technology] he was involved in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research, followed by studies in Electronic Music Production. He has created minimalistic sounds in an attempt to transport listeners to unique spaces, inadvertently making them become part of a neurological experience. Now he has decided to commit his time to the virtual world in an effort to help individuals and companies find the connection between technology and art. Waham has joined SUPERWORKS in the belief that it’s the perfect platform to build that bridge, and create interfaces that reflect this philosophy.


MARS [Manuelita Antonio Rangel­ Sosa] was born in the Venezuelan Andes into a big family. Having completed her studies in Architecture [Universidad de Los Andes] at the age of 21 she moved to Australia in search of adventure, instead found herself at the University of Melbourne in the English Studies department. Upon her return to the Motherland, MARS kept herself in the safety of academia; being part of the team that started Caracas Urban Think Tank as an experimental Urban Studies Graduate Program [Universidad Central]. Following a failed coup d'ètat and facing the temporary closure of the University, Manuelita serendipitously moved to San Francisco in 2003 and decided to call it home. After a decade in Architectural Publishing [William Stout] and exploring subjects related to Machines [FlightAcademy, Public Bikes], she made a return to Design [] in 2013. In 2014 she co­founded an Art Collective [The Absurdist] and in 2016 decided to start her own Studio: SUPERWORKS. Her passions include, but aren't limited to: poetry, swimming, motorcycles & machines in general, meditation, watercolours, philosophy & chocolat.